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Hi I'm Ronnie,

Welcome to my shop! I am a guitarist living in East Lothian. The excitement of buying a musical instrument is something I hope you will recognise and experience when you visit my shop. If I don't have what you need or are looking for, I'll get it for you.


I deal in new and secondhand instruments and, whilst I'm a guitarist, I aim to support local music in East Lothian of all hues and all instruments for musicians of all ages. My shop is your shop and I look forward to our musical journey! Pop in and say Hi to Milly and me or contact me by website, Facebook or phone.

Proud to support - HaddFest; Haddington Rugby Club; Haddington Athletic Football Club


Hi! I'm Milly,


Ronnie's manager and life coach. I'm helping him out in the shop in between keeping an eye on things at home and studying cello at the Conservatoire and reading Classics at the OU... nec paveatis ad conspectum opus ad canem! Look forward to seeing you in the shop...and biscuits always welcome!


Woof Woof!!! Milly

1960sRonniesMusic Shop.jpg

From Sole to Soul...former Bootmaker

Mr Ramsay at 68 High Street c. 1960 to present day

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