Sometimes you just have to pick up an electric guitar, plug it in and play... whether to play along with songs you’re listening to on your laptop, or if you simply need to express the raging anarchy in your soul... The Hodad is a powerful mini-amp for practice or back stage tune-ups with a novel twin speaker format that angles the sound in a divergent fashion, giving a spread of sound – relatively speaking, of course.

Danelectro Hodad Mini Amp

  • Features:
    • Input Socket
    • Tremolo Switch
    • Echo Switch
    • Tone Control
    • Gain Control
    • Headphone Socket
    • LED Power Indicator
    • Tremolo Speed Control
    • Volume Control - On/Off Switch
    • DC9V Input (Adaptor not supplied)
    • Battery Driven (9V battery supplied) 
    • 340g Weight
  • 133mm (w) x 120mm (h) x 63mm (d)