Beautiful Tobacco Sunburst 2015 100 year anniversary Gibson Les Paul electric guitar with "dog ear" P90 pickup, G-Force tuning system and original gold hard case. Headstock features special 100 year signature celebrating centenary of Les Paul guitars.

Gibson Les Paul Junior 2015 Tobacco Sunburst (secondhand)

  • Body
    Wood Species: Mahogany
    Pieces: Multi Matched
    Density: High
    Binding: None
    Wood Species: Mahogany
    Pieces: 1
    Truss Rod: Les Paul
    Profile: Slim Taper™
    Thickness at Fret 1: 20.32 mm / .800"
    Thickness at Fret 12: 22.225 mm / .875"
    Other Materials: Franklin Titebond 50
    Average Weight: 544.31 gm / 1.2 lbs
    Style: Zero Fret Nut
    Material: Cryogenically treated Brass

    Rosewood Fingerboard

    Tuning Keys
    Style: G FORCE
    Material: Zamak
    Weight: 31.1845 gm / 1.1oz
    Tuning Keys Details
    Tuning Ratio: 40:1
    Gear Type: Synchronized spur gear system
    What is allowable turn: +/– 2 degrees
    Plating specs: Nickel
    Part numbers: 430–14299B / 430–14299T
    Pickups Lead
    Style: P–90S T Dog Ear
    Winds/Coil: Screw side/Slug side: 10,000
    Material of Wire (gauge): 42 plain
    Coil Dimensions (per coil): 2.9972 cm x 8.0772 cm / 1.18" x 3.18"
    Coil Material: ABS
    Coil Winding Process: Machine Wound
    Magnet Material: Alnico V slug/magnets
    Magnet Position from Nut: 58.7375cm / 23.125"
    Magnet Dimensions: 4.7498 mm x 1.24206 cm / 0.187 x 0.489"
    Cover: ABS Black Dog ear
    Qfactor: 5.16
    ResistanceDC: 8.25k ohms
    Resonant Frequency: 2630.91 hz