Well-gigged high quality Line 6 Spider 112 modelling amp which offers 50w of power and so much more! Comes with FBV footswitch pedalboard incorporating tuner, wah and volume/expression pedals.


Spider comes with an advanced set of features that enable you to hone your sound to perfection. Rock out with a more traditional amplifier experience in manual mode. Deep tweak amp and cab parameters. Capture your ideas and jam like never before with a built-in looper. Hands-free control via the included FBV™ footswitch. Spider gives you the flexibility you need to dial up your dream guitar tone.


Designed to deliver great tone and performance flexibility to guitarists who typically would not be able to afford such luxury, Spider 112 offers more sonic integrity and tonal variety than other amps in its price range.

Spider 112 Features

  • 6 Amp Models
  • 7 Digital Effects
  • 10 Factory Presets
  • 18 Factory Presets w/Floorboard
  • 4 User Programmable Channels
  • 12 User Programmable Channels w/Floorboard
  • 1/4 inch TRS Headphone & Direct Out
  • 50 Watts Power
  • Mono speaker/ Stereo headphone & DI
  • 1 X 12 inch combo
  • 34 lbs (15.5kg)
  • 20.75" W x 17.5" H x 11" D (53 x 44 x 28 cm)

Line 6 Spider 112 50w guitar amplifier (secondhand)