Incredible sounding LOUD (!!!!) 1200w bass cabinet from UK legendary company, Orange. In superb condition, in alternative black finish, this is ideal for a bassist serious about gigging at large venues, festivals or anywhere with strong windows! 4  x 10in speakers in a compact cabinet, try it out with (on loan) Orange bass head in the shop.


The 1200W Orange Amplifiers SP410 Bass Speaker Cabinet is compact and lighter than many other 4x10 enclosures. But don't let the bass cab's diminutive size fool you.

Packing a whopping 1200W of power handling, the Orange SP410 bass cab's sound and presence is incredibly powerful. The bass cabinet's isobaric design separates the speakers into loudspeaker compartments that balance and maximize the bass tone. In practical terms, the use of isobaric loading in a loudspeaker maximizes bass frequency response.

Add to the mix 4 Eminence Neodymium 10" speakers, and the Orange SP410 bass cabinet is absolutely an unstoppable bass speaker force. The response, power, and clarity of these impressive speakers will leave you breathless, as the bass tone is nothing short of monstrous.

Weighing in at just 65 pounds, the SP410 bass cabinet is ideal for playing live. Its weight allows you to move Orange SP410 bass cabinet quickly and easily without a visit to the chiropractor just to load up your gear.

Orange SP410 4x10 1200w Isobaric bass cabinet (secondhand)

    • Isobaric cabinet design: separated loudspeaker compartments
    • 4 ultra-lightweight 10" Neodymium loudspeakers (300 watt)
    • Impedance: 8ohms
    • Output: 1200 watts