The Peavey Solo is a 12-watt amplifier that’s a part of Peavey’s TransTube line. The TransTube line is a series of solid state amps that are built with the intention of mimicking the response a tube amp without the extra cost or maintenance. The overdrive effect on the amp reflects this as well, as it has a lot of warmth on tap.

Peavey Solo 12W

    • Power Rating: 12-Watts
    • Speaker Size: 8”
    • Effects: Overdrive
    • Controls: Overdrive, Overdrive Switch, Volume, Low, Mid, High
    • Inputs/Outputs: ¼”, AUX-In, Headphones
    • Weight: 14 lbs
    • Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth) 16.12’ x 9.75” x 14.87”