Gorgeous No.2 Rathbone Orchestra model acoustic guitar where traditional aesthetics meet 21st Century technology. 


The R2K Rathbone Orchestra Model 'Double Top' features a technologically advanced sound-table made of two super-thin layers of Koa with a Carbon Fibre lattice in-between.


This ‘Double-Top’ construction enables the sound-table to be a little thinner than a single solid piece of koa but remain strong and ultra-responsive. The result is a super-resonant and voluminous guitar with bags of both character and all-out power.


The all-Koa tonewoods offer stunning exotic visuals while delivering a smooth and focused tone with a good level of high end chime.


Due to the environment in which it was initially designed to be used, the 'OM' was not a large-bodied guitar. In fact, few of the early 'modern' guitars would be considered large today. So, the 'OM-sized' Rathbone No.2 is not a large bodied guitar either, but the neck joins the body at the 14th fret, so the scale length is one that we would recognise from most modern guitars. When first used, this 'long' scale length was found to help deliver a remarkably, and some may say disproportionately, powerful and dynamic tone. The tuned strings are under greater tension than on shorter scale guitars, so they give a far greater tonal response and 'punch'. 

Rathbone No.2 R2K Koa/Carbon Fibre Double-top Orchestra Acoustic

  • Body Size Orchestra Model
    Type Acoustic
    Top DOUBLE TOP - Koa / Carbon Fibre / Koa
    Back & Sides Koa
    Scale Length 25.5" / 650mm
    Guitar Length 41" / 1041mm
    Orientation Right-handed
    Neck Mahogany
    Fretboard Rosewood
    Bridge Rosewood
    Binding Wood
    Nut / Saddle Bone (Nut 42mm)
    Machineheads Open-Gear Chrome
    Finish Gloss Lacquer