Lovely Stentor Harlequin 3/4 violin in range of colours, currently Raspberry Pink Sparkle and Royal Blue including Stentor Rosin and blue hard case. Perfect for brightening up Orchestra practise!


Built from solid maple and spruce using Stentor's long established expertise in creating incredible sounding quality instruments. Good quality bridge and composite tailpiece with integral adjustors make this the perfect instrument for 9 to 11 year old maestros who like to add a splash of colour to their music!


The Harlequin violin features everything you need to start learning the violin. Unlike other violins at this price, the Harlequin violin is carved from solid wood compared to composite woods or laminates. The top of the Harlequin violin is spruce, while the back and sides of the violin are maple. This traditional combination of wood produces a focused sound with plenty of tonal warmth.


For an added touch of luxury, the Harlequin violin uses pegs and chin-rest crafted from high-quality brown hardwood which is visually pleasing, while also being environmentally friendly. Once the violin has been completed, it is finished with a bright pink finish for an attractive appearance.


The Harlequin range gives excellent value for money. It is a top choice for beginners or for schools and councils who are looking for an instrument that provides consistent quality and good value. It has become one of the most bought and recommended violins for schools and teachers.


Included with the Stentor Harlequin violin is a lightweight hard case with plenty of storage. For ease of use, the case includes a shoulder strap, so commuting is never an issue. Stentor has even included a transparent pocket for a name tag to ensure your violin never gets mixed up with others. The inside of the case can hold up to two different bows, and even features a small accessory pocket - ideal for your rosin.


Perfect for students, the included P&H fibreglass violin bow has been designed with durability at its core. Thanks to the fibreglass bow stick, the P&H violin bow offers a well-balanced playing experience, while also being much tougher than wooden bows. Unlike wooden bows, the P&H fibreglass violin bow won't warp or bend as it is resilient to extreme weather conditions. This is particularly desirable for musicians who frequently tour or live in damp climates.

Widely used by both teachers and students, the P&H violin bow uses unbleached natural white horsehair to produce the best possible sound. What's more, P&H purposefully manufacture their bows to be re-haired at home, meaning no more expensive trips to the workshop.


Stentor was formed in 1895 and quickly grew to be one of the market leaders in orchestral instruments. Stentor recognises that the most important instrument for any musician is the one they start on, and are committed to providing high-quality, affordable instruments to ensure that players have an enjoyable experience. Stentor has over 50 years' of experience making orchestral instruments, and they are all made by a dedicated team of craftspeople. The entire production process is carefully controlled to ensure the instruments are produced to a consist high-quality.

Stentor Harlequin 3/4 size Violin

    • Carved from solid tonewoods
    • Made to correct specifications
    • Hardwood pegs
    • Black hardwood fingerboard
    • Composite tailpiece with integral adjusters
    • Lightweight shaped case
    • P&H fibreglass bow