Re-capture that classic 70's and 80's Chorus shimmer with the superb Afterglow Chorus pedal.


TC Electronic's Afterglow Chorus is an affordable effects pedal that has an all-analogue circuit that uses a Bucket Brigade device (BBD) to give you a wide range of classic modulation tones.


The pedal has three control knobs: Rate for controlling the speed of the modulation, Depth for controlling the amount of the effect and Mix for adjusting the ratio between the wet and dry signal.


The Afterglow Chorus is equipped with top-mounted connectors and is true bypass which means it won't affect your signal when it's not activated.

T C Electronic Afterglow Chorus

    • Vintage-style chorus pedal
    • All-analog bucket-brigade circuit - for lush three-dimensional modulation tones
    • True bypass and top-mounted I/O
    • True Bypass
    • Top-mounted I/O
    • Compact and roadworthy enclosure
    • Highly affordable - Extreme value for the money
    • Runs on 9V batteries or optional 9V PSU
    • Power consumption: 9V DC and 14mA