Scarcely played secondhand Tanglewood 6-string banjo in excellent condition with quality hard case and strap.


Drawing on the time honoured tradition of bespoke folk instrument manufacturing in the Southern states of America, Tanglewood Banjos are handcrafted in authentic, period designs.

This allows players of all abilities to find their perfect model, based on both specification and price point. Union series instruments are tailored to meet the needs of the entry level to intermediate player representing features and quality far beyond most instruments amongst their industry peers.


Tanglewood TWB 18 M6 6-string Banjo (secondhand)

  • TYPE 6 String Banjo
    TUNING E, A, D, G, B, E
    SIDES Maple
    FINGERBOARD Techwood
    BRIDGE Maple with Ebony tip
    HEAD Remo Ivory
    FINISH Natural Gloss
    Full Specification TWB18M6


    Nut Width 43mm
    Width 14th Fret 53mm
    Neck Thickness 1F 21.5mm
    Neck Thickness 10F 23.5mm
    Scale Length 665mm
    Resonator Depth 38.5mm
    Resonator Diameter 355mm
    Overall Length