Create your very own Jimmy Shand in miniature with this cracking Timberkit Accordionist....well, a Jimmy Shand with French beret on! Bluebell Polka your way and say 'Allo Allo' to some Parisian chic!


Timberkits are a great way to explore the magic of movement by creating characters, creatures and contraptions with different themes and ability levels.


Timberkits people have a passion for wood and their design challenge has always been how to use a natural, organic material in an engineering context, whilst also giving it life and animation.


Building a Timberkit is very absorbing and satisfying. They are unique products that will charm you, fascinate you and draw you into the rich world of automata.


Finished model dimensions:
Width: 150mm
Height: 250mm
Depth: 75mm

Timberkits Accordionist wooden model kit