Beautiful Bb Alto Sax from Trevor James. This instrument is secondhand but has literally not been played and has been resting in its' case for 6 years. Grab an absolute bargain compared to new instrument prices elsewhere. Comes with additional padded strap.


When designing 'The Horn', Trevor James wanted to ensure that they would capture the excitement of new players. By streamlining the manufacturing and reducing costs where possible, Trevor James was able to produce the 'The Horn' to a much higher standard than similarly priced saxophones. During this process, they made sure that they never compromised performance quality, ensuring that you still get a high-quality Trevor James instrument. And for even more peace of mind, 'The Horn' is double-checked by UK technicians to make sure everything is in working order. This sort of attention to detail is rarely found on saxophones twice the price of 'The Horn' saxophones, so to have this sort of assurance is truly breathtaking!


Learn with confidence

The Trevor James 'The Horn' will give you the best possible start to learning the tenor saxophone. When looking closer at the tenor sax, you can really see the attention to detail. To help with durability, Trevor James have decided to rib mount the keys, compared to soldering them directly to the body. Usually only found on more expensive instruments, this small detail will ensure your new saxophone lasts for years to come. When playing the Trevor James sax, you will realise how responsive and resonant it is. This is thanks to the yellow bell and body that also provides outstanding projection and adds brilliance to the tone. This is a fantastic instrument for the first time student or for a saxophonist who requires a quality second instrument on a budget.


Achieving a consistent performance

The high-quality pads and springs used on 'The Horn' are essential for producing a consistently pure tone. The pads create a good seal around the tone holes which helps with tuning and overall note production. They have a significantly longer lifespan than standard pads which are often found on student saxophones. This overall quality enables a superior, more reliable tone for a much longer period.


To help with note production, the pads have metal reflectors. Perfect for producing a clear and bright tone with an easy response, these reflectors are ideal for producing your first notes. But a saxophone's pads are only good if the mechanism uses proper springs. Because of this, Trevor James uses professional-grade blue steel needle springs for the entire mechanism. Not only do these last longer than cheaper springs, but they also allow for a much smoother playing action.


Everything you need

Included with the TJ 'The Horn' saxophone is a lightweight case. On the outside of the case you will find handles at the top and side, and even backpack straps at the back. There is also a large zipped compartment on the front of the case to store all of your sheet music. The inside of the case has been specifically moulded to fit 'The Horn' tenor saxophone. This moulded interior is then covered with a black soft-touch fabric that won't damage the finish of your instrument. At the front of the case, you will find a large compartment which is ideal for storing your wax, pull-through, or any other accessories. Also included with the TJ saxophone is a mouthpiece and ligature so you can start playing straight away.


Trevor James

With over 25 years of design experience, Trevor James knows how important instrument design is in helping players achieve their musical goals. To this end, Trevor James has spent several years working closely with musicians and engineers to determine the features required to create a range of instruments which will enable players to reach these personal goals.

Trevor James 'The Horn' Alto Saxophone

    • Key: Bb
    • Range: Low Bb - High F#
    • Body: Brass
    • Bow: Brass
    • Bell: Brass
    • Keys: Brass
    • Finish: Gold Lacquered
    • Neck: Brass
    • Included Accessories: TJ plastic mouthpiece and Rectangular padded deluxe case with backpack straps